A 25mm 2 way angle circular box is a type of electrical junction box that is designed for use with 25mm electrical conduit systems. Here are some of the features of a 25mm 2 way angle circular box:

1. Material: The box is typically made from plastic or malleable iron, which are lightweight and durable materials.
2. Size: The box is designed to accommodate 25mm electrical conduits, which are commonly used in electrical wiring installations.
3. Shape: The box has a circular shape with smooth edges and is designed with two angled openings that allow for the connection of two incoming and two outgoing electrical cables at a 90-degree angle.
4. Secure mounting: The box is designed with screw holes or clips for secure mounting on walls or other surfaces.
5. Conduit entry: The box has conduit entry points that allow for easy connection to external conduits.
6. Knockouts: The box may be provided with pre-punched knockouts, which can be easily removed to accommodate cables of different sizes.
7. Compatibility: The 25mm 2 way angle circular box is compatible with a range of electrical fittings and fixtures, including conduit fittings, couplers, and bushings.
Overall, a 25mm 2 way angle circular box is a versatile and reliable electrical junction box that provides a safe and secure way to connect electrical wires and cables at a 90-degree angle. It is commonly used in a variety of electrical wiring installations and is well-suited for applications where space is limited or where other types of junction boxes may not be suitable.


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