A back outlet 1-way circular box is a type of electrical enclosure used to house and protect wiring connections. As the name suggests, this box has one opening on the back for conduit pipe entry or exit. The back outlet is usually threaded to allow for easy installation and removal of the conduit pipe. The circular shape of the box allows for a single conduit pipe to be connected at a time.

These boxes are commonly used in electrical installations where the conduit pipe needs to exit the back of the box rather than the side or front. They provide protection for the wiring and ensure a secure and stable connection between the conduit pipe and the electrical device or circuit it is connected to.

Back outlet 1-way circular boxes come in different sizes and materials to suit different applications. They can be made of metal or plastic, depending on the level of protection required and the environment they will be installed in.

Overall, back outlet 1-way circular boxes are a practical solution for electrical wiring connections that require conduit pipes to exit the back of the box. They are easy to install and provide a reliable and secure connection for the wiring.


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