IMC / Rigid Conduit Elbows


Rigid conduit elbows are manufactured from prime conduit shells with high strength in accordance with the latest specifications and standards of ANSI C80.1 (UL6). The elbows are used to connect the rigid steel conduit to change the direction of the conduit run.

The interior and exterior surface of elbows are free from defection with a smooth welded seam, and evenly coated with zinc using a hot dip galvanizing process, so that metal-to-metal contact and galvanic protection against corrosion are provided, and the surface of elbows with a clear post-galvanizing coating to provide further protection against corrosion.

Elbows are produced in normal trade sizes from ½” to 6”, at 90° deg, 60°, 45°, 30°, 22.5°, and 15° angles or at your request.

Elbows are threaded on both ends, a color-coded thread protector is fitted for sizes from 3” to 6”.

IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit) and Rigid Conduit Elbows are used in electrical installations to make bends or turns in conduit runs. These elbows are designed to provide a smooth, gradual change in direction while maintaining the integrity and strength of the conduit system.

IMC and Rigid Conduit Elbows come in various sizes and angles, ranging from 90 degrees to 5 degrees, and are typically made from galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. They are used in both indoor and outdoor applications and are often used in industrial, commercial, and residential electrical installations.

When installing IMC or Rigid Conduit Elbows, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and industry standards to ensure the proper installation and performance of the conduit system. This includes properly securing and supporting the conduit and ensuring that the conduit system is properly grounded to prevent electrical hazards.



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