KBG/JDG steel elbow or bend


1. Safe Product.
Our conduit is safe, easy to install, with a wide production range, and has shielding performance, anti-jamming performance, fire prevention, and many other good performances. It is the preferred wire-pulling material for modern buildings.

2. Good Raw Material.

Our conduit is processed by a high-quality hot dipped galvanized coil, with a zinc layer thickness of more than 120G / M⊃2. which extends the life of the conduit. Zinc coating is well-distributed, well-finished with a smooth surface, without black spots and bubbles, and has strong corrosion resistance. 

It is suitable for the wire to protect the installation of lighting and machinery equipment in wet, corrosive harsh environments.

Higher-quality products can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

3. Good Weld Line.

The Weld line is smooth, and the height of the inner weld line does not exceed 0.3 mm, which keeps the conduit suitable for wire pulling and no damage to the wires.

4. Clean the End of the Conduit.

The end of our conduit is cut off squarely and cleaned without any burrs and sharp edges,
which will not damage the wire.

5. Perfect Inspection Process.

Our company has a perfect product inspection process to ensure that the products we offer you are qualified.

6. Withstand a variety of tests.

Our products have a perfect performance in the threading test, zinc layer testing, stamping tests, bending tests, and other physical and chemical tests.


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